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ESR-15: Development of non-nucleoside inhibitors of enterovirus polymerases: Computer-aided design, synthesis and biological evaluation (UV)

Project Description
The aim of this project is to develop a new series of non-nucleoside inhibitors of enterovirus polymerases. In particular, analogs of GPC-N114 (a non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitor recently discovered in a collaborative effort between Utrecht University, Aix-Marseille University, and KU Leuven) shall be designed using a variety of computational chemistry approaches. The most promising candidates will then be prepared and submitted to biological evaluation.

The Network
This PhD position is part of the European training network ANTIVIRALS ( The candidate will benefit from the ANTIVIRALS network, which includes regular (scientific) network meetings and training in research methodology and complementary skills. This research project offers unique opportunities for establishing a broad and international scientific network with partners from the academic and industrial sector. The research project is performed in close collaboration with and partly at the premises of other institutions of the ANTIVIRALS network.

Host institute
University of Vienna is the top Austrian research university With a >96,000 student enrolled, it is also the largest university in Austria. The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Life Sciences, is the leading Pharmacy department in Austria, both in teaching and research. It has a strong record of drug discovery and development of novel bio-active compounds, and is fully equipped for in silico approaches, modern medicinal chemistry, and high resolution structure analysis of small organic molecules.

Candidate found. Vacancy is closed.