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Upcoming ANTIVIRALS network meetings
These meeting are in the first place intended for members of the consortium. Some places may be available to external students. Please contact for more information.

Final ANTIVIRALS Conference
11 June 2018 - Porto
The Marie Sklodowska Curie European Training Network "ANTIVIRALS" will have a satellite workshop during the 31st International Conference on Antiviral Research. The satellite workshop is open to all ICAR participants. Coordinator prof. Frank van Kuppeveld will be a keynote speaker during the sattellite workshop. Several ANTIVIRALS Early Stage Researchers will hold an oral presenations and all Early Stage Researchers who will have poster during the conference will have a shotgun presentation. Lots of interesting research and training will be shared!

This event will be held in conjunction with the International Conference on Antiviral Research (ICAR)

Past network event
NM-1 Kick-off meeting ANTIVIRALS ETN
23-27 November 2015 - Utrecht (NL)
Research Training-1 "Virus replication & Evolution"
Complementary Skills-1 "Shaping your future"
Complementary Skills-2 "Team Skills"

NM-2 Symposium: Dissemination & Communication & Progress meeting
27 June - 1 July 2016 - Heidelberg (DE)
Research Training-2 "Small-molecule screening"
Complementary Skills-3 "Excellence in science communication"
Complementary Skills-4 "Dissemination & Societal Outreach"

NM-3 Mid Term Review meeting
16-20 January 2017 - Cardiff
Research Training-3 "Structural biology & Structure-based drug design"
Complementary Skills-5 "Research Ethics & Biosafety"
Complementary Skills-6 "Research grant opportunities"

NM-4 Symposium “Academia meets Industry”
16-20 Ocotober 2017 - Leuven (BE)
Research Training-4 "Medicinal Chemistry"
Complementary Skills-7 "Innovation & Entrepreneurship"
Complementary Skills-8 "IPR & Valorisation"
Complementary Skills-9 "Management"

NM-5 Progress meeting
5-8 March 2018 - Leiden (NL)
Research Training-5 "Clinical Virology & Antivirals"
Complementary Skills-10 "Careers in Research"