European Training Network ANTIVIRALS

Prof. dr. Frank van Kuppeveld - Scientific Coordinator of ANTIVIRALS, based at the Department Immunity and Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Who? - "I want to introduce PhD students into the fascinating world of viruses", says Professor van Kuppeveld. "In particular, we study how viruses hijack the cellular metabolism and infrastructure to reproduce themselves. We are working on novel technologies to develop new inhibitors of virus infections".
Why? - Viruses are a major cause of disease, death and economic loss worldwide. Virus infections can be controlled with antiviral drugs. However, these drugs only exist for a limited number of viruses. We urgently need drugs to fight more viruses, but there is a shortage of scientists that are properly trained to do this job.

What? - ANTIVIRALS is a training project. Our aim is to prepare talented young researchers for a career in antiviral drug development. The ANTIVIRALS students will search for novel inhibitors of virus replication. These inhibitors will be characterised and developed into potent candidate drugs for antiviral therapy.

How? - ANTIVIRALS is a consortium of seven academic and five industrial partners. We will provide 15 researchers with state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and technological skills through multiple workshops and courses. In individual research projects, the students will use their knowledge to develop candidate antiviral drugs.

ANTIVIRALS Blog presents great reading about viruses!

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